• Kaustubh


    MemberOct 23, 2013

    Get information about the mail sender

    Hello friends,we got a lot of mails in our mail box and we reply some of them and we also created some fresh mails. But the thing is that we only know about the mail id address not about its owner and i think if we are able to know about the owner of the mail id then we should easily judge that this mail is real or froad or it works for us or not. So friends here i will tell u about this crazy thing which u liked very much.
    so simply u need to have a mail id of which owner u want to get information.
    Now simply open a website #-Link-Snipped-# and enter the email address and allow the thread to join up with ur email address and now u will get the whole info about the contacts of your mail id.
    So friends now u r able to know about the owner info whom u mail or from whom u get the mail.
    isn't this interesting friends by this we r able to avoid the fake mails on our mail id an this will gether info from the social networking sites on which that email is registered like twitter, facebook, likedine etc so try it.
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