GeoSetter : Add Geographic Location Information to Photos

Yeah, now you don't need to remember where you took that photo, if you click it with a smartphone.

#-Link-Snipped-# is a Photo Geotagging Software for Windows.

Features of GeoSetter are:

  • Shows existing geo coordinates, image directions and tracks on embedded Google Maps map (requires internet connection)
  • Setting geo data by using embedded Google Maps map (requires internet connection) or by entering known values for coordinates and altitude directly
  • Automatic filling of location IPTC fields and altitude values (requires internet connection)
  • Editable IPTC data (IPTC-NAA/XMP)
  • Possibilty to change taken date of images
  • Synchronization with track files (NMEA, GPX, PLT, Sony LOG, IGC and others)
  • Synchronization with already geo tagged images with buddy images (e.g. between RAW images and their corresponding JPEG images)
  • Google Earth export
  • Synchronization with #-Link-Snipped-#
  • Localizable user interface – English, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Czech, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Norwegian language is available at the moment

Following is the step by step process of geo-tagging photos in Windows 7:

  1. Open GeoSetter.
  2. Go to Images Menu and Open the image.
  3. Search for the location you want to tag, Integrated Google Maps View will take you to the place.
  4. Point out the position and Save.
I hope that helps! 😀


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