Generate Electricity From Bicycle! [VIDEO]

Hurricane Sandy rendered many people powerless. In order to prepare people for the next power crisis, a Brooklyn-based designer Chris Hackett is teaching you to build your own homemade generator, via which you'll be able to combine your bicycle and battery to form an electricity source.

These are the raw materials you'll require: Bicycle, Deep-cycle battery, Inverter, Permanent magnet DC motor, metal spindle. scrap metal frame, charging circuit. Follow the instructions stated by Hackett in the video attached below, for as he puts it, you never know what'll get your power tomorrow- could be a hurricane, snow storm, anything. Better be prepared.



  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    This is what to be said as Engineering.
  • zaveri
    Aw ! nothing new ! i knew this even before this chris hackett was born !
  • lal
    Aw ! nothing new ! i knew this even before this chris hackett was born !
    Then why didn't you share it already? There are many million others who don't know that!

    By the way, it is about sharing what you know and respecting! Not about KNOWING THE WHOLE ENCYCLOPAEDIA and keeping it just with us.

    People say knowledge increases with sharing. That really makes sense.

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