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SAIYAM KUMAR • Mar 10, 2017

Gear design

Can anyone help me with the module of spur gear design. I know that module is basically distance between addendum and pitch circle for a 20 degree full depth involute spur gear. And it is also equal to reciprocal of diametrical pitch. What i actually want to know is about the tooth of the spur gear. If it has any relation with the module. That is if module is 3.5 and number of teeth is 18 so is there any distance or thickness of 3.5 (module) on the tooth???
SAIYAM KUMAR • Mar 11, 2017
No sir. I have searched about it enough on internet. My confusion is does the module has any relation with the tooth thickness?? That is.. Is there any distance on the tooth thickness which shows the module??
What is this tooth thickness? Is this perpendicular to the profile of the tooth?
SAIYAM KUMAR • Mar 11, 2017
The profile decides the tooth thickness. Google some images.

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