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@darkwarrior111 • 16 Nov, 2012
those who have appeared for gate and have got results please share your RANK and MARKS, gate score(optional).and dont forget to mention your stream and year of exam.please post as this will help to predict the ranks.
@darkwarrior111 • 18 Nov, 2012 it seems that no one is taking interest but guys believe me its very useful,after giving gate exam we can predict our rank and can know about our chances in colleges or psu's.
@darkwarrior111 • 18 Nov, 2012 here is some rank vs marks list of gate mechanical 2012
1. 56 --- 1411
2. 41.33 --- 5496
3. 60 --- 747
4. 45 --- 3918
5. 35 --8951
6. 76.33 --- 73
7. 70 --- 234
8. 45.33 --- 3796
@Vignesh. M • 22 Dec, 2013 heavy competitions itseems!!

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