GATE Preparation FAQ For 2012

Let's dedicate this thread to asking questions for GATE 2012.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs):

How to check if I am well prepared for GATE 2012?

What should be my ideal rank range to get into the IITs?

How many questions should I attempt to get a good score?

What will happen if I wont get a rank below 150?

Tell us more about the negative marking? How does it impact the overall score?

I appeal all test takers and IITians to answer them.

Please share other important queries you have here.


  • Pensu
    I would like to answer some questions:

    1) Test series are there to help you. There are many institutes for that like gateforum, made easy, ACE academy. Join any of the test series and you can monitor your progress.

    2) As far as i know upto rank 200 is good, but if you want to hit big like IITB or IITD you need to go under 100.

    3) This depends on the level of question papers, if its easy then you need to crack it real hard.

    4) I will pass this as i havent reached at that stage....😉

    5) You got to be careful about negative marking. Normally they have 1/3 mark as negative. My advice: attempt the questions which you are sure. Try not to guess the answers.

    P.S: Correct me if i am wrong....😀

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