GATE 2012 Syllabus For Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering

Engineering Materials:- Structure and properties of engineering materials and their applications, heat treatment. Metal Casting Casting processes (expendable and non-expendable) -pattern, moulds and cores, Heating and pouring, Solidification and cooling, Gating Design, Design considerations, defects.

Forming Processes:- Stress-strain diagrams for ductile and brittle material, Plastic deformation and yield criteria, Fundamentals of hot and cold working processes, Bulk metal forming processes (forging, rolling extrusion, drawing), Sheet metal working processes (punching, blanking, bending, deep drawing, coining, spinning, Load estimation using homogeneous deformation methods, Defects). Processing of Powder metals- Atomization, compaction, sintering, secondary and finishing operations. Forming and shaping of Plastics- Extrusion, Injection Molding.

Joining Processes:- Physics of welding, Fusion and non-fusion welding processes, brazing and soldering, Adhesive bonding, Design considerations in welding, Weld quality defects.

Machining and Machine Tool Operations:- Mechanics of machining, Single and multi-point cutting tools, Tool geometry and materials, Tool life and wear, cutting fluids, Machinability, Economics of machining, non-traditional machining processes.

Metrology and Inspection:- Limits, fits and tolerances, linear and angular measurements, comparators, gauge design, interferometry, Form and finish measurement, measurement of screw threads, Alignment and testing methods.

Tool Engineering:- Principles of work holding, Design of jigs and fixtures.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing:- Basic concepts of CAD, CAM and their integration tools.

Manufacturing Analysis:- Part-print analysis, tolerance analysis in manufacturing and assembly, time and cost analysis.

Work-Study:- Method study, work measurement time study, work sampling, job evaluation, merit rating.

Production Planning and Control:- Forecasting models, aggregate production planning, master scheduling, materials requirements planning.

Inventory Control:- Deterministic and probabilistic models, safety stock inventory control systems.

Operations Research:- Linear programming, simplex and duplex method, transportation, assignment, network flow models, simple queuing models, PERT and CPM.


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