Gate 2012 Preparation Strategy

im totally confused on how to start with my preparations for GATE..
currently i have finished my 3rd semester and my branch is mechanical,i have got the study materials from a reputed coaching institute..for each and every paper ive got the materials..but the question is how do i start??? should i have to study only that material or go through a standard book of that paper and refer this material ??? should i have to take notes on my own??suggest me an idea how to start with preparations.....


  • N.Gowtham Raj
    N.Gowtham Raj
    Those Materials are for Revising What you've learnt already... It will be useful only after the complete understanding of Each subject... Start reading the standard books recommended for gate(Available in various websites) of the subjects that you have for your present semester....

    Single Effort===Double Benefit
  • m.vivekanandan
    ur right but the problem what im facing is, in our university we do not follow standard books that are recommended but instead we follow up a simple book which covers up the univ syllabus .so if i follow standard books im not able to get marks in my semester and on the other hand if i follow the simple book im not able to prepare for competitive wat can i do????????
    please go through previous year discussion.. There was healthy discussion on what to read and how to start and many more topics on that thread.
  • m.vivekanandan
    thanks maulik for ur valuable advice😀

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