Gate 2012 online payment errors

Hi I'm Bharath
I have applied for Gate 2012 with lot of hurdles and losses. After so many trails for 5 to 6hrs i have successfully reached to payment gateway. I have paid an amount and than I have faced an error immediately after payment so I haven't got any application (PDF Form) for print, but my payment has been done. So again I have started my second battle for for next 4 to 5 hrs to open the page using my Login ID than again it reached directly to payment page So I have made it again this time payment is done for once again and I got the application sucessfully. Next I went to bank to stop my first transaction. They said we'll look into that but we don't garauntee you about the money back. If possible try to contact responsible person in gate office . I am trying to reach gate office , every time I make call either it will be busy if by luck it connects they are not giving any response , they don't even say hello on phone after few seconds they'll disconnect it.
So I request people who stay near by Delhi IIT take this issue to concern authorities. This kind of situation my spoils so many bright futures



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