GAS Turbine

can we use gas turbines in automobiles in spite of engine
if they are
can anybody let me know more about them:sshhh::sshhh:


  • gohm
    Sure you can use gas turbofan engines, though not real practical. There is a motorcycle with a turbofan engine (from old helicopters) commercially available called the Y2K. It tends to limit tailgaters as the hot exhaust can melt plastic bodywork! The other drawback is in the way they produce thrust (acceleration on the road) as there is a delay in throttle response time so a major change in driving skills are needed. Also they guzzle fuel like crazy as well. You forget all those drawbacks though when you hear one... laugh.
  • raj87verma88
    A good idea as a gas turbine engine is light compact and has a high power to weight ratio. But the trouble is that the exhaust coming out is extremely hot and this will prove to be a stumbling block. If you make a model that utilizes the a regenerator to use the exhaust heat thereby reducing the temp. of the gases going out and increasing efficiency then it is a possibility. Other ways include using intercoolers etc. There are many other options. I suggest you research on Brayton Cycle as it is the ideal cycle for gas turbine engines. For reading i will suggest Thermodynamics An Engineering Approach by Yunus A. Cengel and Michael A. Boles, Chapter 9. There are others but i personally found it the best for this topic. Yes as gohm said a motorcycle is there using turbofan engine and it has many flaws but the possibilities to better something and develop new things are endless.

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