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Gas Distribution System

Question asked by Temk in #Coffee Room on May 8, 2009
Temk · May 8, 2009
There is gas supply system to excimer laser, and within this system there is a device, name and principle operation of which I would like to know.

It has three Inputs/Outputs named as IN, OUT and VAC

if gas enters IN port, it is transferred to VAC port, and in case if gas enters VAC port it is transferred to OUT.

This device is just a small box of approx. 3cm by 5cm; it is used for gas systems involving corrosive gases, so if corrosive gas enters VAC port - it goes to exhaust, and when it is required to change a cylinder with that gas, lines are emptied and filled with Helium through IN port.

So what is the name of this device? Thank you Posted in: #Coffee Room
jarniel · Jun 7, 2009
Rank D3 - MASTER
is that a 3 way valco valve with soleniod? are you sure it indicate VAC on it? pls. let me know. thanks
Temk · Jun 8, 2009
Thanks for interest,
But I already found a solution. By the way, my description is not really true, but there is VAC indication on it for sure. One told me that this is a Bernoulli valve.

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