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crazy anoop
crazy anoop • Sep 27, 2006

game engine

can u help me to get some excellent open source game engines?
crazy anoop
crazy anoop • Sep 27, 2006
those who checked only reply

I need open source, and if anybody forward one pls tell me the reason
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Sep 7, 2007
You've probably found this, but for the benefit of others I'll just put what I found out from Wikipedia.

Open sourced engines:
Horde3D - A lightweight next-generation graphics engine
Irrlicht - Another well known graphics engine under the zlib license
Ogre3D - A well known LGPL graphics engine
Dim3 - although not well-known and developing is macintosh-only, games can be played on Mac, Windows and Linux. Very easy and fast engine if used right.
Open Dynamics Engine - A cross platform physics engine used in many commercial games.

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