@yuosef • 18 Feb, 2014 • 1 like
hi , any one can you help me to get fuzzy logic with engineering applications solutions manual 3 edition????

thanks you
@zaveri • 18 Feb, 2014 yeah sure. The entire thing may cost you $899.00 plus tax.
@yuosef • 19 Feb, 2014 the book it founded and free if you want it i will uplaod it . but i want the solutio manuals for it (fuzzy logic with engineering applications 3edition ) free without many

thank you
@benin • 29 Aug, 2015 i need this problem solution
In a gas system there are two basic properties of gas ( Temperature and Pressure) that can be used to determine whether calculations for the system can be done using the ideal gas law or if a more robust property package is required. The ideal gas law applies to the system with high temperature (T) and low pressure (P). The drawback of employing a more robust approach is that the computational requirements increase tremendously.

P (atm) , T (k)

1 , 400

1.7 ,370

1 , 280

9 ,300

9.5 ,280

Classify the given set of data for P and T into two classes to determine which system requires a robust property package for thermodynamic calculations.

Use m' = 2 and e = 0.01 for the following

a) Hard C -means

b) Fuzzy C -means

c) Find classification metric

d) Find the similarity relation using the U - partition from Part (b)
@sameena_553 • 24 Dec, 2015 i also need this book solution manual. I do not find it anywhere

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