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@SHAIK NAFEEZA • 13 Jan, 2016 • 1 like
i just want to know the oppurtunities of selinum testing tool.can you people guide me whether the selinium is best or not.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 13 Jan, 2016 • 1 like
i just want to know the oppurtunities of selinum testing tool.can you people guide me whether the selinium is best or not.
You should have provided some background information about yourself so that we could answer this properly. Generally speaking, Selenium is going to be in use for foreseeable future for automation testing. It'll take a QA professional at least 2-4 years of experience so that they can be desired by the industry.

All that said, no professional should let only one software tool or technology decide their career. You need to approach the entire software automation domain and not just one testing tool.

Your second sentence isn't very clear - Selenium is best or not? Can you be more specific about your question?

PS: Describing questions properly will help you get better responses.
@SHAIK NAFEEZA • 13 Jan, 2016 • 1 like I am from mechanical background .Now, i weant to learn manual testing and automation testing. I choose to learn selinium tool.DO we have better oppurtunitys for testing tool software
@smita pawar • 25 Oct, 2018 • 2 likes

Future Scope of Selenium Testing Tool:

* First of all any company can easily implement start work with Selenium, without having to purchase anything.
* Selenium is "Opensource Automation Testing Tool". It is greate used to test Webbased and mobile web applications. We can use SIKULI as a software for Selenium. SIKULI is an opensource automation tool developed on Java. After install sikuli with Selenium it is support Desktop, Flex and Flash objects..
* We can write selenium scripts in all programming languages like JAVA, PHP, PYTHON, PERL, RUBY, HTML and C#.
* Selenium supports Linux,Windows, Mac and Solaris machines and also used to test Android, i phone and Windows mobile based applications.
* Selenium supports all versions of latest browsers like Google chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer,Opera and Safari.
* Selenium supports Functional and Regression testing and finally It is more consistance, flexible and Extandable.

The above reasons Selenium now a days picking up lot of Important on the Markets and also in the future.

@Tanuja Singh • 03 May, 2019 • 1 like

Hi, I have worked in IT as a Business Analyst for 5 years. In this duration, I have learnt manual testing and have some hands -on in SQL. I have a career gap of 3 years and I want to restart my career. So, I want to learn automation testing using Selenium as a tool. Kindly advice if this will help my career grow or I should try my hands in SQL.

@Kaustubh Katdare • 03 May, 2019 • 1 like

@Tanuja Singh - If the main reason for the gap is marriage, then it's justifiable without much efforts. If there's some other reason, you will have to justify it to the recruiters. 

I'll recommend opting for a certification in testing. ISTQB certification would be a good start and you can then upgrade your skills to automation testing using Selenium. I'll strongly recommend doing a survey of the jobs available in your locality which you can apply to and find out which software automation tool is in demand. Selenium is popular but not every project will use it. 

SQL itself is learnable through self study. However, you will have to keep in mind the job opportunities that you will have after acquiring the new skills. Will SQL only fetch you good job opportunities? I doubt. You will have to equip yourself with more skills and knowledge of tools. Which skill you acquire should determine the kind of job opportunities you get. My recommendation would be to follow software QA and learning Selenium would be a step in the right direction. I hope it helps. 


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