Fujikura Europe launches revolutionary new series of speciality fusion splicers

Fujikura Europe, one of the world's leading manufacturers of fibre optic cables and equipment has launched a new series of fusion splicer, the FSM-100M and FSM-100P, set to dramatically improve the capabilities of engineers in factories and laboratories.
The new equipment has a patented split v-groove clamping system, is capable of plasma zone fibre positioning and has short cleave length capability. It also has a special arc calibration, dual splice loss estimation and an enhanced sweep arc and internet firmware update and interface.
The FSM-100P

Stephen Rackstraw, European Business Development Manager for Fujikura, explains how these features have improved engineers’ capabilities.
“A host of innovative technologies have been incorporated to address the rapidly expanding splicing needs of factory, manufacturing, laboratory and R&D applications,” said Mr Rackstraw.
“These speciality models have the unique capability of controlling the plasma zone of the fusion arc. This will revolutionise the way users will splice various types of specialty fibres; LDF, low contrast PM, holey structured, etc,” he said.
The units are produced using an ergonomic design and have zero degree fibre holder positions and a fibre profile learning function. The FSM-100P also uses a dual PM alignment method.
Later this year Fujikura is sponsoring WorldSkills London 2011 where 14 of its portable fusion splicer models will be made available for visitors of the show to try out. WorldSkills is a unique global competition where young people from across the world compete in 45 different skills.
For further information about the new splicers visit Fujikura Europe Limited.


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