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MURTUZA ZAVERI • Jul 25, 2017

fuel indicators : what is it with them ?

At present i own the following vehicles:

honda activa 3g
hero splendor i-smart
suzuki swish 150.

well i have noticed, that none of these machines have their fuel indicators working properly.

as for the activa, the indicator needle points to the extreme end, on the day i get it filled up. the very next day, the needle deflects to the very first graduation mark. and on the following days, the needle literally refuses to budge.

as for the suzuki, the needle does not deflect, when fuel, less than half a litre is poured. when around 2 litres are poured, the needle deflects upto the first two marks. the rest of the space on the indicator seems like it will never be covered by the needle.

as for the hero, the indicator just stopped working after 2 months after purchase.

so guys can anyone, how exactly this thing, called the fuel indicator works
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