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Question asked by Ajay Karthik in #Software Testing on Jul 11, 2015
Ajay Karthik
Ajay Karthik · Jul 11, 2015
Dear Sir,

I am a BE CSE graduate with MBA HR post graduation (regular). I have let my career in Core HR filed as soon as I finished my MBA HR in 2011. Now I am in my 4th year of my HR career journey. As a Computer Science Engineering graduate by nature I have a feel that I am not utilizing my full potential in my job. My current job requires more administration capability & very less IT skills. The skills I posses in IT are utilized to create nice presentations in ppt, automating & optimizing work in payroll through excel, which does not give me satisfaction in my profession till this time of my career.

I tried to get entry in HR related ERP / Software, but nothing gave me helping hand. Now, as I am married and I do not have any financial liability for the next couple of years, I would like to take a decision of diverting my career in IT field as a new entrant in any domain like testing, db maintenance, windows admin or any other IT related field, which has good scope and does not require coding skills.

Kindly throw some light in my thoughts that would help me to take a firm decision.

Ajay Karthik
s.ajay88@gmail.com Posted in: #Software Testing
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Jul 22, 2015
Rank A1 - PRO
Welcome to CE, @Ajay Karthik . Pleasure to have you with us. Thank you for describing your query in detail.

With PG in HR and career in the same domain, I think it'd not be wise to shift your domain and let go of your experience and education in HR. It's obvious that as a computer engineer, you feel your potential is not being used to the fullest. Think about it - do you really want to switch your career and start from scratch or just satisfy your desire to do something that will challenge you?

I think there are several projects in the open source world that you can start contributing to. It offers two advantages: you get to keep your job and work part time challenging yourself as a coder. Learn something and build something; build your skill-set for the next 2-3 years.

At the end of 2-3 years, I'm sure you'll be in a position to see if you want to continue as HR. With your new skills-set and projects to show off, you should be able to attract a job (and that too, a high paying one) at a funded startup company.

I'd even advise combining your coding skills to solve the problems faced by HR professionals. Think of it as a part-time project that can evolve into a startup!

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