I am currently in the 3rd year of my BE (EC). So, quite obviously, everyone around is quite anxious about the placements. I am preparing for GATE 2008. Intend to do an M.Tech in Microelectronics & VLSI. Ever since i finally decided to become an engineer i have had this thought at the back of my mind that i did n't want to work in some IT company, or any other for that matter. In fact what i would really like would be to freelance, kind of set up my own pad. Now, i was wondering if anyone here could give me any pointers in the matter - how i could go about it, what my priorities should be, anything u can tell me. And i would be mighty grateful if no one told me that there's no scope for the same in India( I don't mean to be rude but i am pretty sick of hearing that 😡)... looking forward to some actual help for a change....😉


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare

    Anyone saying that there's no scope for Microelectronics & VLSI in India is obviously not well informed about the same. And had there been no 'scope' as such, you'd have the opportunity to be a pioneer in this field. You are a Crazy Engineer, don't worry about the 'scope' thing.

    Its not very clear from your post if you want pointers regarding GATE preparation or about freelancing.

    Since you've setup your mind on GATE, forget the rest. You are in third year of engineering and you have ample time to dig out information about freelancing. M.Tech degree would be of great help in your career as a freelancer.

    Answering your questions -

    "How I could I go about it" & "What my priorities should be?"-

    -> In my opinion, your priority should be GATE. Give your everything to the exam. Of course, you must keep yourself updated with latest happenings in the VLSI & Microelectronics world. (CE would be the right place for it 😀 ).

    -> Try to get in touch with someone who's been doing what you want to do. Get some real advice from him/her.

    -> Make a list of everything that you need to become a freelancer in this field & plan how to get those things in place.

    -> Develop contacts! This one is very important, and yet, often neglected.

    -> It would help if you get a work experience of about 3 years (minimum) before starting off your career as a freelancer.

    These are very generic pointers you might want to follow. If you are searching for some specific information, post a reply.

    -The Big K-
  • Abhilash41
    Sorry if i wasn't clear enough. Actually i am looking for more information about the freelancing scene in India.

    Agree with the work ex u mentioned. I guess being a freelancer means i would spend a lot of time working on stuff like ex would help a lot with the managerial aspects, and the "contacts"; apart from the tech aspects of course. Actually i was kind of hoping to find some freelancers here who might like to share their experiences.

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