Free Launch Debate, Me v/s AKD: A snippet from conference

[15-09, 17:44] AbraKaDabra: hmm.
[15-09, 17:44] Rupam Das: So, Let us enjoy people demanding free launch
[15-09, 17:45] Rupam Das: let us offer them
[15-09, 17:45] Rupam Das: There are some biggies out there, who watch this meal
[15-09, 17:45] AbraKaDabra: You gave me a good perspective! Thanks! \m/
[15-09, 17:46] Rupam Das: And they will tell you, while serving if you put my banner,I will give you double the cost of the launch
[15-09, 17:46] Rupam Das:
[15-09, 17:47] AbraKaDabra:
[15-09, 17:47] Rupam Das: So I give free to those who badly want it free, and take from them who wants to be seen on the party
[15-09, 17:47] Rupam Das: I received couple of messages doubting my integrity in such a fast participation!
[15-09, 17:48] Rupam Das: so what I do? stop? No
[15-09, 17:48] Rupam Das: World is a place AKD where everybody needs everybody.... So lets enjoy the game
[15-09, 17:49] Rupam Das: Lets start serving quality food for free.....
[15-09, 17:50] Rupam Das: I do patents, but realized very few people use them
[15-09, 17:50] Rupam Das: Now I serve free, many use them
[15-09, 17:50] Rupam Das: but they cant because their inferior knowledge
[15-09, 17:50] AbraKaDabra: Awesome.
[15-09, 17:50] Rupam Das: There come our service.
[15-09, 17:51] Rupam Das: Lets say I upload a source code of Arrhythmia detection from ECG
[15-09, 17:51] Rupam Das: live work
[15-09, 17:51] Rupam Das: 100% result
[15-09, 17:51] Rupam Das: can a NewBie execute that?
[15-09, 17:51] Rupam Das: No.... Never
[15-09, 17:52] Rupam Das: So he takes it, plays with it and then comes back asking for guidance
[15-09, 17:52] Rupam Das: and thats not free....
[15-09, 17:52] Rupam Das: I am one of the biggest Fan of CE
[15-09, 17:53] Rupam Das: not because I can contribute here or people or Good, purely because it is simply great!
[15-09, 17:53] Rupam Das: if someday some CEO comes in and says you can post 5 post daily for free, rest are charged?
[15-09, 17:53] Rupam Das: nobody comes in really.
[15-09, 17:54] Rupam Das: I hope I am able to convince you about the Idea behind free meal AKD?


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