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    Japanese startup Fotofig has a novel service to offer- print your loved ones' mini-figurines, so that you never feel the intensity of the distance that separates you. Aha! Presently, making use of this service is a manual affair. Mail the photos of the subject or the person you want miniaturized, and the company shall churn out a mini-lookalike from them.
    I personally feel this a great utility. Consider buying your kid a mini-figurine of itself to play with, maybe toss in Mamma-Pappa figurines too. But with prices spanning from $400 to $600 apiece, this needs a second thought.

    What do you guys think of Fotofig? Do these mini-variants of people appeal to you? If yes, who's the most likely person you'd gift this to? Or who's the most likely person you'd have minified? 😀
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