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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 12, 2007

Forum Restructuring - Ideas Please!


Its high time that we add/remove/modify our existing sections.

In my opinion,
  1. We preserve our existing Trade Specific Sections (i.e Computer Science, Electronics, Civil ...)
  2. Merge CE IT Help with Computer Science Engineering sections (IT Help was started because of its own reasons 😁 )
  3. Merge 'Project Ideas & Seminar Topics' section into the Trade Specific Sections. Do you think its a good idea? This means, anything related to computers will go into Computers Section, anything related to electricity will go into electronics/electrical section etc.
  4. Introduce a Cross-Trade Engineering section to host discussions which need input from engineers belonging to different trades. What about this? Sounds Good? (Can be merged with IDEAS/KNOWLEDGE SHARING section)
  5. Remove the 'CE Newbie Training Center' section and replace it with Article/Announcement discussions section.
  6. Introduce Puzzle, Mathematics, Problem Solving related section. 😀 Someone among us can take up responsibility of posting a new questions everyday (Btw, we'll soon have prizes for the puzzles)
  7. Form a "Jobs/Careers/General Help" section and merge our existing General Help Section with it. So everything related to higher eduction/career can go there.
  8. Combine the bottom three sections "In focus, Blogs, Chit-Chat" into one section.
Awaiting your comments. Do you think the proposed structure is better? Any suggestions for new sections or changes to existing sections? Please let me know!

-The Big K-
silverscorpion • Dec 13, 2007
The proposed new structure seems good to me. We definitely need a separate section for Puzzle, Mathematics and Problem Solving. The cross-trade engineering secton also seems to be cool. Over all, this new format will be more practical.

Better start a poll on whether a retructuring of this way should be done or not. What say, biggie???
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 13, 2007

Thanks for your comment, silver. Poll won't do much help as we need ideas and comments. My concern is to complete this restructuring before end of 2007 so that we all launch the all new CE on 1st Jan 2008 😁

More comments please? Or shall I start implementing the new structure?

Well, new section will need active contributors!

-The Big K-

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