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Ford Motor Co. To Bring In Cloud Based Technologies For Automobiles

Question asked by Farjand in #Mechanical on Oct 17, 2011
Farjand · Oct 17, 2011
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Is Cloud Computing only a computer concept? This is what that came to my mind when I first heard about cloud based services offered by Ford through Ford SYNC<sup>®</sup>. The answer is little tricky but after all, this is what a 'free flow of technology' all about. First we develop technology for one field and the employ it something another after we achieve a sufficient amount of skill in that technology.


If you will recall, Ford introducing future technologies like Talking cars a few months back, you probably won't be surprised when it will launch advanced cloud based services to make cars smarter than earlier. The technological innovations which Ford launches are aimed at systematizing road traffic across the globe. The present one is however projected to reduce the carbon foot print of your vehicle.

Ford is very soon going to present its cloud based technology in 18th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems. The researchers will demonstrate how a car can switch from gasoline to battery while driving. The vehicle will automatically sense when it needs to change the source of power supply depending upon the conditions to minimize the carbon emission. In other words, the technology is mainly for the plug-in Hybrid vehicles (PHEV).

For EVs Ford is partnering with other auto majors to set up harmonized and speedy battery charging stations. The American company has rightly sensed the direction of market and is working on the PHEVs before starting for EVs which will at least require another 25 years to replace completely the gasoline fed vehicles. PHEVs will provide a smooth transition in this case and will prove to be a profit making venture.

It will be a matter of speculation if this technology of adapting the power train performance according to driving conditions can be employed in other car variants also. The company is also considering the aspect of incorporating Drivers habits in to the electrical systems so that they will make him/her comfortable while driving. Of course such features will be optional and will be at customer's disposal whether to opt for those or not. A similar feature was showcased in last month's Frankfurt motor show in Ford's Evos. It will take a few more years to commercialize and to get on road. Posted in: #Mechanical

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