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Ford, Microsoft Team Up To Provide Most Cost Effective Electricity Tariff

Question asked by anup_mech in #Gadgets on Mar 15, 2011
anup_mech · Mar 15, 2011
If we want a better and pollution free future then we must think of the ELECTRIC VEHICLES (EVs) instead of the traditional automobiles which are a major cause of pollution. Though these electric vehicles can not achieve the high speeds as that can be achieved with automobiles working on engines, the ultimate global aim to reduce pollution can be achieved only with EVs. CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer said, “Electric vehicles will play an important role in the global effort to improve energy efficiency and address the issues of climate change and sustainability”.

[​IMG]Now the problem faced by the EV owners is that their household energy consumption could double while recharging the vehicle. To overcome this difficulty, Ford and Microsoft have joined forces to implement the Microsoft Hohm energy management application. Microsoft Hohm is a web application. Hohm application is free to US users which shows owners’ energy usage patterns. It helps consumers to analyze their energy consumption and also it suggests ways to conserve electric energy. It actually tells the owners the most economical time to recharge their EV.

<em>“FORD and MICROSOFT both share a strong commitment to contribute to a better world. Today, we begin the next major step in our working together and leading the way for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability,” </em>said Alan Mulally, Ford Motor Company president and CEO at the time of launch ceremony.<em></em>

Microsoft publicly released the Hohm application on July 6, 2009. This application is built on the Windows Azure cloud operating system. R&D 100 awards each year recognizes year’s 100 most significant, innovative ideas at national and international levels. Microsoft Hohm received an R&D 100 Awards in 2010.

Ford is the first to use the Microsoft Hohm application. The ‘Focus Electric’ is expected to be the Ford’s and also the world’s first electric vehicle to use Hohm. Ford is planning to put 3 more electrified vehicles by 2013. Also the Hybrid Cars are also getting popular these days. Hybrid cars are those which have IC engines and one or more electric motors to run the vehicle. Either of the two can be used to run the vehicle.

As America’s largest domestic hybrid seller, Ford Motor Company today has four hybrids on the road and another coming this year. Ford’s upcoming hybrid Lincoln MKZ is expected to be the most fuel-efficient luxury sedan in America. Like Ford other brands are also manufacturing their respective models under EV section. Thus the energy consumption is going to increase. So to use the energy efficiently, these applications like Microsoft Hohm will be the most significant ones. Such a collaboration of automobile companies and software companies will help facilitate this exciting future. Posted in: #Gadgets

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