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satanas • Nov 13, 2009

force sensor

hi guys,
i need to know the average force applied on a wall while painting using a roller. for this i need to conduct a test using strain gauges or any other force sensors. but i don't have the facilities and equipments. so help me if anybody can please.
BigOhm • Nov 13, 2009
Do you have a spring scale?
gohm • Nov 14, 2009
Good idea BigOhm. Satanas, they make push force indicators (modified spring scales) used to show force in push/pulling. They are commonly used to measure ADA code compliance for doors and the like. You can buy them online or from a place like Grainger/McMaster-Carr. You could attach one to your roller.
satanas • Nov 26, 2009
thank you Ohm for your suggestion, but i have no means of measuring it. if you guys have those spring scales, can you send me a picture of it please.

thanks a lot!
gohm • Nov 26, 2009
do a search for "door force gauge" or "force gauge" and you will find a lot. from mechanical to electronic.
BigOhm • Nov 26, 2009
OK, so let's say you've got a typical paint roller that has a steel rod and a wooden or plastic handle. Take the handle off. Weld a washer on the shaft. Ream out the handle. Buy a compression spring and put in the reamed handle hole so that it compresses as you push on the roller. Make some mm marks on the steel rod so you know how far the spring compresses. Afterwards, clamp the rod vertically in a vise and balance a plastic pop bottle on the end of the handle. Fill the bottle with water till it compresses to the same point. measure the water. 1 mL = .0098 N.

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