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Forbidding the food waste from supermarket, MNC and gov. food storage

Question asked by Somesh Diwanji in #Coffee Room on Jun 15, 2015
Somesh Diwanji
Somesh Diwanji · Jun 15, 2015
Rank D3 - MASTER
At the time we fear of the scanty monsoon and with the news of food wastage around, its time to take food wastage challenge Seriously! Most of us buy food items from supermarket and most of us have food in cafeteria of our respective MNC. But what about the food wastage at those places. Can't we have better disposal system. France has already passed the law for forbidding the food wastage from supermarket. There unsold food should either be donated as charity or if not should be given to farmer for feeding the cattle or to compost. Such law would be very useful in India where every day at-least 20 crore people sleep with hungry stomach.
Please share your views and suggest alternate methods . Posted in: #Coffee Room

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