Food Is Now Delivered At Your Table With The Help of Drones

We at CE, have been constantly been amazed with the work of drones, whether it’s their work on the Tiny Black Hornet Nano Unmanned Air Vehicle Goes On Duty In Afghanistan or their job of #-Link-Snipped-#. Now they have managed to venture into a new field, the field of food delivery with qudracopters at London. Sushi chain YO! Sushi has introduced these qudracopters at their restaurant in the Soho district to deliver their new age Sushi burgers and other dishes to their customers in a cool high tech way. The ordered food is kept on an iTray and is flown to your table by a waiter using an iPad app.

YO! Sushi

The qudracopter is able to travel at 25 mph and can be controlled from a distance of 50 yards. In order to keep the load on the qudracopter to the minimum the trays have been made by carbon fibre. On a trial run the restaurant chain is employing two of these drones and if they get good feedback from customers they shall be introducing the iTray service to all of their 60 branches in the UK. YO! Sushi was also the first in UK to introduce conveyor belt service and speaking robot drinks trolleys.

Have a look at the iTray service in this video below:

Source: #-Link-Snipped-# via Flying fish - to your table! Sushi restaurant offers diners a taste of the future with gadget designed to deliver food at 25mph | Daily Mail Online


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