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krishniha • Oct 20, 2008

Food For Thought

Conflict is a part of human structure, and there is no end to the feeling of “TO BE OR NOT TO BE”. Its only through this confusion that there can never be any growth and any advancement . We all know there is conflict at every level of our existence, so why deny or be blind to it.
Ambitions and conflicts are the ways of man and they can be used either against him or for him.
Conflict is the struggle between two opposing ideas- there is a class conflict, national conflict and ideological conflict. Due to the resistance of certain fundamental facts and ignorance, there is problem of RIGHT and WRONG.
For example ---- There is a process of thought in every Human mind, where the future is IMAGINARY, and an IDEAL. Its only a projection, and thought is always the response of MEMORY, of conditioning. It is really a vicious circle with no way out. This conflict , this struggle within the CAGE OF THOUGHT , is what you call PROGRESS. If you really wish to revolutionize and bring about progress in society, it should be beyond CONFLICT, which is not based on THOUGHT with its EGO made projections, IDEALS and DOGMAS. Our efforts to CO OPERATE have not brought about any solution to this problem.
The question is WHAT IS THE EFFORT????
Effort is to strive for MONEY and POSITION and have WON both. WE have also striven to have happy family, but in VAIN, so we are struggling for something deeper. So effort becomes an endless battle to acquire. If the end is hAPPINESS , means also should be happy. IS NOT THE HAPPY MEANS HAPPY END.IF effort produces OPPOSITION within and without, can EFFORT lead to HAPPINESS????
IF EFFORT produces MORE problems and more TENSIONS and STRESS , why are we still making the EFFORT???? What are we looking for in LIFE?? One attains wealth and POSITION to be POWEFUL in various ways. TO be POWERFUL is to DOMINATE, SUPPRESS, to feel SUPERIOR , to be EFFICIENT and so on. YOU are satisfied in one level, you move to another.
There is no end to CONFLICT, as there is no end to DESIRES. We are actually searching for MISERY. WE keep gathering things without looking into refinement of our sensations. WE cover up our EMPTINESS. One great Philosopher said “ our minds are like hollow drums beaten upon by every passing hand and making lot of noise”. We are never ALONE, we are always with a problem, with a book,( BETTER QURAN) with a person , or with our THOUGHTS ( SONCH ACHI YABURI).Allconflicts must CEASE, so that the TRANQUIL( peace- sakinah) mind can see the TRUTH that PERVADES this UNIVERSE. Either be LIFE or DEATH.
- Krishniha 😁
Differential • Oct 20, 2008
So what is the conclusion of this ??

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