• farooq


    MemberSep 15, 2006

    FM Transmitter

    Can someone please let me know with the aid of diagrams on how to construct a low power FM transmitter??
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  • xheavenlyx

    MemberOct 5, 2006

    Hi there.

    This is a good website to build a low power FM transmitter. 88-108MHz Transmission is possible.

    by [SIZE=-1]Rod Elliott (ESP)[/SIZE]

    You should read the whole article and try researching before you finaly decide on building one.

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  • Nickhouse

    MemberOct 20, 2006

    I work on RF and the cheapest way is to get hold of an old mobile phone (or pager) for a few bucks and just take out the backend and work on that you change the Tx frequency (within reason) by changing the X-tal (Tx frequency is often 6 or 9 times X-tal frequency) or for slight moderation change the cap that is in series with the X-tal, that should do it.
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  • jas_mirage

    MemberFeb 6, 2007

    hey i am thinkin of making an fm transmitter just so that i can send songs from my mp3 player to my car fm reciever.. that way it works without any wires or anything and i get my music.. how is the idea on that.. but will have to convert audio output to FM.. kinda needed help on this..😒
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