Flight, Light, and Spin

my book, looking for a paper publisher

for now half of it is online,
lots to discuss,
most recently, these designs to radically improve helicopter stability

Principle of Flight: Helicopter Stability



  • JonathanAinsley
    plus these calculations on why the moon recedes from the earth


    here is the app that uses a Newtonian engine to give this perfect answer:
    Why the moon is receding from the Earth

    to do this
    i needed to solve the many-body-problem
    which remained unsolved by Hawking when he wrote 'a brief history of time'

    here is the philosophy of that math
    Solution to the Many Body Problem

    my internet searches have so far revealed that nobody else has solved this problem

    anyone else know of such a solution

    hamba kuhle mfundisi


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