Fleep is a better chat service that combines email & messaging using common-sense

Fleep is a new startup from Estonia that's aiming to bridge the gap between email and messaging. Launched by engineers who earlier worked at Skype, you can trust the team on their core understanding of how messaging works. The concept of Fleep isn't new - but the way it does the job is surely different. First things first - the service works very well on desktop browsers and iOS and we hope and Android client would be in the works. Going through company's front page will make you quickly draw comparisons with Yammer, HipChat, Campfire etc.

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The service seems to be solving the problem of employees relying on emails and messengers for smaller conversations. Often, these conversations are done via different platforms and thus tend to lose the context many times. Fleep tries to address this by bringing everything together. If you and your remotely located colleague are discussing something over email and want to have inputs from someone else who's not immediately on the mailing list or conversation, you can simply add him/her to your ongoing conversation. The third party can reply to the conversation via their email! Sounds interesting, right?

There are several other features which you may explore by joining Fleep. Check: Fleep - An ideal way to communicate


  • Nayan Goenka
    Nayan Goenka
    Is it something like we already have on CE? Group chat it seems of some type but instead of common chatting techniques it uses emails and messages combined. Plus, this feature would need to be adopted by companies as it is targeted for them but also will need a security of conversation clause in their policy. Switching over from emails to group conversations is quite difficult to manage. Internal mail for many companies works perfectly.

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