Fixation of Motor to Wheel: Keyway or Flange?

Hi all,

I need some opinions about how to fix motor to wheel.
Is it better to mount it by keyway or using flange?

Thank you in advance


  • Capt Spark
    Capt Spark
    see the amount of the torque to be transferred. if it is not so high, key / spline may be fine.
    for high torque transfer, flange is better. It give a support at higher radius with higher shear allowable, and hence more torque capacity.
  • Mr Zakaria
    Mr Zakaria
    The max estimated torque to be transferred is 64 Nm.
    The wheel has a diameter of 200 mm and width of 80 mm.
    I'm not sure whether this amount of torque can be considered as high or not.
    In terms of robustness, which fixation is easier to be done?
  • Capt Spark
    Capt Spark
    Key is definitely a simple arrangement. And with this numbers, I think the calculation goes like this:
    shear stress s = 640N/(80mm*5mm)=1.6 MPa (assuming 5 mm wide key) which should be OK.
    Plz check once if you find any loophole in the calculation
  • saimriyaz
    I think coupling will be the best option.............................
  • Capt Spark
    Capt Spark
    why so?
    flange coupling needs complex modification to the shafts and is obviously a costlier arrangements with bolts.
    Do you find any reason why it is better than the simple key mechanism?
  • saimriyaz
    It is because coupling like of universal joint let your wheel move in any can adjust motor location, can transfer high amount of torque .
    Yet they are costly but they provide variety of operation.
  • saimriyaz

    check this out.....................
  • Capt Spark
    Capt Spark
    true.. I agree completely.
    If there is any chance of even a little misalignment, a flex coupling is a must

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