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@Ankita Katdare • 08 Jan, 2011
First day at the College (especially when you are an engineering student) is always a memorable one.

Some start their engineering life with pranks/mischief , some with new friends (that stick to you till the last day), some with being ragged (by seniors), some with punishments, some with excitement.

Share your memory of the first day at your college.
@narayana murthy • 08 Jan, 2011 my first day is started with pleasure and excitement there happened a fun with seniors
one of senior of other group and he is also my friend asked me to know details of a girl
i went there asked her are you from 1st year
she said yes i told same to him
he went to rag
after 2 minutes he came back and scold me saying she is from mca
i am not able to stop my laugh at that time thats the first day in my college
and many such funny events
i love my college
anyway thanks akd for starting such a good thread
@Ankita Katdare • 08 Jan, 2011 @narayana: Good one! 😁
@Reya • 08 Jan, 2011 • 3 likes The first day of my college is the most unforgettable day in my life.I was one week late to the college due to some reasons.That was my first day.

My first class was Electrical engineering which was taken by Shahid Ali sir.His lecture was awesome!No words to explain.Everyone will listen the class.He will make the session very interesting by giving problems and ask us to solve within few mins!First ten minutes he will question us about the previous class lecture.Last ten minutes for clearing the doubts.

Some of my seniors ragged me. They asked me to dance or sing in the stores before everyone.I started crying.One of my seniors told we wont leave you if u act.Finally i sung a song.Thank god nobody fled away from that place😀

I entered the hostel. People were busy chatting with each other.I dono anybody in my college and i felt that i'm alone.My room mates asked about me and and i replied them in a single word.I'm very silent(only in first year,later became very naughty and bold)

I was missing my parents on the very first day. I cried a lot in the wash room.I packed my things to go back to my home and i called my mom.I told her i cannot study here.I dont want to be independent.I will join some other college which is near to our home.My mom advised me dont worry,once you get accustomed with that place you will be alright.I should be independent.If i get friends I will not come back to home.I disconnected the call and started crying again.My first day ended up with tears drenched my pillow.
@shreyasm89 • 08 Jan, 2011 • 1 like Well, my first day was quite uneventful but yes the friends I made on that day have been with me uptil now. we had our class in the newly-constructed building of our college. Out of excitement, I had turned up quite early, not many people were around. Before the first lecture I tried to chat up the one sitting beside me , asking him about his entrance exam scores. Some overzealous guys started answering questions even before the prof started teaching(effect of coaching classes). I roamed around the entire day in perpetual fear of the SENIORS. We were asked to take down machine drawings from the charts hung on the wall in the workshop, everyone was pissed of & eventually used our camera phones to do our work. By the end of the day I found 2 good friends & we have stuck together still. Overall the 1st day was a pleasant one
@Ankita Katdare • 08 Jan, 2011 • 2 likes @Pravee & Shreyas: Awesome recollection CEans 😉

I did a diploma in engineering straight after I completed high school. It is not common for students who score really high in the final school board exams. Almost everyone told me that I had made a wrong choice be deciding to join polytechnic college (where we get Diploma within a duration of 3 years & then get admission to II year B.E. directly)
Some even told me that only the dumb ones :-| (i.e. who can't score well at competitive exams OR under-performers opt for diploma)
I was being skeptical on the very first day.
We had to go by bus in the first year. I was taking random glances at other students' faces. No friend. Nobody did diploma, I thought. 😒 Were they all right after all? 😲

Reached college. Climbed down the bus. And saw a couple of friends from old primary school. Got along well. Sat in the lectures the rest of the day. No sign of ragging since the seniors were at another branch of the college. 😁
Got very well acquainted with the friends by the end of the day.

And what a journey it has been since that day. Total roller-coaster ride. Those friends have stuck together till this day. Believe me they are not dumb at all. ;-)
I proudly call the 3 years "the best days of my life".

Getting a degree is just for the namesake. What we learned in those 3 years was true practical knowledge. Sadly where I stay a degree course has nothing new to offer to us diploma holders- syllabus wise/fun wise.
@Reya • 08 Jan, 2011 • 1 like @shreya:Thats cool😀

@AKD:Hearing that you did diplomo after high school I got shocked😀But thats a good option to gain practical knowledge!
@Ankita Katdare • 11 Jan, 2011 @Praveena: Shocked? Why?

@all others: Come on! Share your story. We would like to read some fun stuff.
@Manashree Thokal • 11 Jan, 2011 • 1 like My first day of the college was not much interesting.

I was some 8 days late to the college. I was very nervous. Reached the building half hour earlier and just talked to my old friends on the phone.
I suck at making new friends, so I was already prepared for a boring day. I had no idea what lectures were going on. Completed the few formalities in the office.
Everything seemed so boring that I did not attend it after the recess.

A friend of mine showed me the whole campus.. which was the only good time spent.
Engineering college campuses are the best part. 😁
@nenuadwani • 12 Jan, 2011 • 1 like my first day in college.
well it was a grand one. morning moving inside the campus a girl of my class asked me the way to our building wishing me in honor and little nervous thinking i was a senior from pharmacy section. well, i told the way towards our block as i had already visited the college once and had the idea where our block was. the situation went totally funny when we entered the same class and faced each other. i was almost into laughs.😛😛😛

then i got friendly with a girl and she is my best friend up till now. then came up our introduction in communications class and we both were into laughs when one of our class mate introduced himself as if shouting at the faculty. we never liked that guy for such an introduction.

in all the day ended with lots of introductory sessions and a huge tiring time.
but friends in all the college lyf becomes the most enjoyable years of our life and the one we hate at the first year become our best friends for ever.:smile:
@itchap • 13 Jan, 2011 • 1 like My first day of the college is start with ragging. As soon as seniors start ragging on of my friend reach there and told me that ragging of Local Guys is not allowed. When seniors heard this they left me.😀

But at the end of the day one of my 2nd year senior who is also a Local Guy told me to give red rose to a girl. That girl was his classmate. So i reach there and give her rose. She understood that this is part of my ragging. She smiled and gone. Later i had a very good friendship with that girl and she gave me all her books.😀
@Ankita Katdare • 08 Nov, 2011 Why did this thread die out?
I am sure we have engineers with interesting stories to share.
@silverscorpion • 08 Nov, 2011 • 1 like The first day at college for me is unforgettable, not because of any ragging or the kind, but because of the heavy duty scolding I got right in the first hour from my professor.

Since it was the first day, we had an orientation session where all the students were divided into batches and allotted the classrooms. Immediately after that session was over, we were asked to go to our respective classrooms, as classes were scheduled to begin in some 15 min. Our college being so huge as it is, and me being myself, didn't bother to ask anyone where my class is. So, I managed to find my class only after some 25 min, and the professor was already there. He had already finished the introduction of what that course is about and what they will be doing that semester. And then, there I was, standing outside and asking "may I come in".. He looked at me.. Immediately he became very angry. He said "no need to come in.. Go away!". Then after some consideration, he said "how can u come late in the first day itself? come in.."

I thought thank God!! But the real fun was only beginning. After I entered, he stopped his lecture about the subject, and started telling about how today's youth are lacking any good qualities.. No punctuality, no seriousness, no interest and proactiveness to excel, no this, no that.. All the time, he was looking at me and quoting me as an example.. I thought I was done for. Till the hour was over, he was going on non-stop.

I can't forget it ever!!

PS (The fact that later I did get a 9 pointer in his subject is another thing 😉 )
@Selva rocks • 05 Feb, 2012 • 2 likes My first day at the College is always a memorable one that stick to us till the last day.

On the 1st day I donno where is my classroom and I ask one sir but he told me wrong room no. I straightaway entered tat class(already no. of students sitting there) and seated in the last bench with nervous. That time everyone looking at me. One guy near to me asked are u a 1st year guy? I told him ya. Then he replied this is not 1st year classroom, u've to go next room. That time I shocked and ran out of the class, while everyone of them laughing at me 😛 😛 😛 I felt very shy.

Finally I entered the right classroom of mine and seated at the last bench.
That is the funniest thing happen in my life.
@Dancer_Engineer • 06 Feb, 2012 • 3 likes Cool thread! 😁

My first day of the college! It went like this:
My sister had dropped me college and then she left wishing me a good day. I was like, yeah let's see. Then I entered the campus to see there was a big notice on the bulletin board with the title: FE FRESHERS, and it listed the classroom numbers according to our roll numbers. We had got our roll numbers at the time of admission. So I went to the first floor and entered the classroom, to see the class already so full of freshers all seated in the first few benches; so I went and sat in the 3rd last bench near the window.

So the first lecture was BCE (Basic Civil Engineering), the professor came and immediately started listing out the 6 units and the different chapters. It was interesting. I seemed to like the subject. But then suddenly I realized (after 30minutes), the professor is talking all Civil, and I took admission for Computer. I was like, damn I entered the wrong class or did I by mistake opt for the wrong branch. 😕 I immediately stood up and interrupted the professor and told her, "Mam, I think I have entered the wrong class.". She asked my roll number and name, cross-checked and told me that it is the right class. I was standing there amazed, not able to understand what's going on, everyone was looking at me, I was nervous and confused and the center of attraction for a few seconds 😁, but I needed clarification. I again insisted and told Mam that I have opted for Computer not Civil, I was panicking by then thinking my father will scold me for this 😁. She then told me that first year subjects are common for all branches. I didn't knew that. Then I heaved a sigh of relief.

Huufff! 😁
@K!r@nS!ngu • 06 Feb, 2012 • 3 likes First day at college ..... Awesome thread.

I went to the college with a nervous feeling. When i entered to the class, it's already full with the mixture of all branches students and i had to search for a place to seat. First day went with the introduction of all subjects. I remember the class by my fav. lecturer(mathematics professor), he explained the way how to solve the maths problems easily, and i was addicted to his lectures with that class.

I was surprised to see three of my intermediate classmates met in the same class. I got some more new friends on the same day. Nobody ragged me on the first day, because seniors had different schedule . So i felt happy😀.

One funny incident i want to share with you guys:

It was the third class of the day i guess, C Programming introduction class, professor asked all of us, anybody attended the summer coaching for any programming language ??
One guy raised hand and said: " Yes Mam , i did MS office 1 month course ". Everybody laughed at him, and that was the memorable day in my life.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 06 Feb, 2012 Wow! Great stories! We should now also have 'Last Day Of College' thread 😉
@Dancer_Engineer • 06 Feb, 2012
One guy raised hand and said: " Yes Mam , i did MS office 1 month course ".
LOL, seriously. 😁
@aarthivg • 06 Feb, 2012 • 1 like my first day of my college is quite different.
by mistake i went to 2nd year mechanical class. all the guys started staring at me differently. then i ran away from that class. then during break hour some of the guys came from that class, and started ragging me, ate my lunch and then went. but now they have became my brothers. happy ending...
@Dancer_Engineer • 06 Feb, 2012 • 1 like
Wow! Great stories! We should now also have 'Last Day Of College' thread 😉
Everyone will have essays to write about the Last day of College. 😁
@ursplfrnd • 11 Feb, 2012 • 3 likes My first two days of college were very normal as my parents accompanied me to college to attend induction program. Second day was saturday , so most of my seniors were absent to the college.

My real college life started from monday where i met my seniors in college bus while travelling to college. They asked me few general questions like bio data , what my parents do and all. It was not that scary as i visualized watching movies and hearing from others. They asked me to know all my professors names by that evening and tell them , which i thought was a very good idea. They asked me few questions like why did i join this college? why did i opt this branch ? and all. Then one of the senior started talking about the college , resources they have , how professors are and what makes them feel that a student is interested in studies and what all to do to gain their appreciation.

Yeah , there are times when they made me talk to a girl of same batch but different branch , asked me to find their names and tell them that they are beautiful. They used to rag ( sorry, interact ) me with other branch students which made me to know them.

They have taught me to know things in a harder but faster way.

'Being a senior is a great responsibility , being his junior is a great opportunity' this is what i have learnt in the early stages of my college days which made me more comfortable to interact with them.
@MUSKAN SHAIKH • 27 Dec, 2019 • 1 like

My First day of college is not very much interesting but i cannot forget my first year it was so memorable. On first day i wake up with new hope ,  so many things were going on in my mind.I  reached very early in college as on college first day we don't know where to go so I stand on campus ground only and after sometime i met one girl which is also in my department and in same div so i talked to her and then we went to our class and after sometime class  as started and we had continue four lecture and after that we had ask to go to seminar hall for orientation program then our college director chairman sir gave speech about our college ,rules that are supposed to be follow that's all ..

@Divisha Madupalli • 27 Dec, 2019 • 1 like

I was super scared on the first day of my college . It was my first time in a co-ed environment and I was the only girl in my bus stop who scared to board the bus first , so waited till everyone boarded the bus and then got into the bus . In the college I met my a girl in our induction week and we became fast friends . Slowly , that day I became speaking with guys and that's how I started my college.

@Kavya Burramolla • 27 Dec, 2019 • 1 like

Good to see the stories, really interesting. Well coming to my first day in the college, I was basically from Technical Diploma background. Immediately after my schooling  I have joined technical diploma. First time I have seen a college environment. College infrastructure was very good and I found new friends. Year after year I am done two  years of diploma, then came the 5th semester which was an industrial training. Those days were most memorable days.

I have learnt much of the technical things, now it’s time to take ECET and apply for B.Tech colleges. I was confident that I will get a good rank, but there was always a fear in me, will I be able to cope up with the already existing students, since I will be entering the college directly in 2nd year of B.Tech. As I wished for I got excellent score in ECET which made me eligible for full scholarship and also got admission into college of my desire, I was very happy and with lots of hope gave the admission in the college.

First day of my B.Tech, with many questions in mind, entered college on time and since I was new to class I was little tensed and excited as well. I got an admission into women’s college and that too in 2nd year, I think that was the reason why I got excused from ragging. There was a gang of 12 who started interacting with me. I went to see college and the best thing was it’s sports complex. One reason that I loved my college is it’s sports complex.

It was cool environment and I made myself comfortable with people as well as class within a week. I, then started enjoying spending time with new friends in canteen and then came most interesting day freshers day. I was really amazed with the celebrations, instead enjoyed having a chance to rag juniors. Three years of B.Tech was again a new yet a crazy chapter of my life. And journey of life goes on. 

@Jai Patel • 28 Dec, 2019 • 1 like

First day at college was exciting but I was nervous wondering how would I be able to adopt a change where no one knew me. 

First day we it was mandatory to attend all lectures and later by the end of the day we were informed that its compulsory to attend all lectures for a week but after third day I started bunking lectures and decided to be party of a college club who they handled my attendance for rest of the year. 

Nothing common but still I would like to share that on first day boys were busy checking out hot & sexy girls as well as girls were checking out us, even through they did not let us know that they were interested in us which almost all girls do on planet earth. I was not into all this as I had other plans and ideas of exploring college environment, most important was the canteen area and food, Chinese food was well known in my college.

Befriending  new people and conversations & buttering with seniors, so that they do not rag us and help to know insider information of college.

And so on, life changed and went on & on.     


@Mohana Chandra • 28 Dec, 2019 • 1 like

The first day of my college was quite normal. The Induction day for us ,is planned on the 2nd day,by the officials of college.On first day, i was little nervous and curious. Our English lecturer came to class and  asked to introduce ourselves.We started introducing ourselves by telling all our background details like where we have done 10th,inter and respective marks that we scored etc.. and i went like that, not that much interesting. But i can't forget all my college days.

@saandeep sreerambatla • 02 Jan, 2020 • 1 like

Bringing back a thread from 2012, so I am brining back my memory from 2006. Well , the first day I went to college is to pay some fees, and submit few documents and take some card. (not sure of what it is). So we used to stay around 80 KM from college and my dad used to drive Yamaha RX135 bike. 

So first day , we have gone by bike and you know how much sound that bike makes, everyone were looking at us and we took the admission. (People later asked me if I come from any political family?)

I didnt drive though .

After a week I had to go to college alone, so i boarded a bus at my home town and went to another town where my college is, and since the first time I have gone by bike I dont know how to reach my college. 

What happened next was hilarious, I stopped at a bus stop and saw our college bus coming, I boarded the bus and asked whether this goes to college, there was one girl from 3rd year sitting where actually conductor sits, she said yes. SO I asked her how much should I pay?

She was like I am a student and you have to pay in the college, a good memory after that she made me stand out side her class for couple of hours and I stood there..

@Ramani Aswath • 05 Jan, 2020 • 2 likes

Warning! It was a long day. It is also a long post.

My first day at Andhra University, Waltair was a gender mayhem.

I come from a women dominated family. From great great mother downwards in every generation women greatly outnumbered men. The first born were girls in most cases. It seems my mother also wanted a daughter. Fate ordained for me to be born. I was given a unisex name. I was even put in frocks and had two pigtails with occasional flowers for two years. Thankfully three sisters followed and I was left off the hook. Ramani is used for both boys and girls in Tamilnadu.

On the first day  of college in 1957, I got off the train at Vizag, took a bus to Waltair and reached the hostel office. Fortunately I knew Telugu and ask my way around. When I gave my name, the clerk went through the records. There was a deep shock. I was put in the women’s hostel. Ramani is strictly a girl’s name in Andhra. After some confabulation I was put in the WW II sheds (12 boys to a room). In those days we have to bring our own beds also to the hostel.

The old A U campus was vast and lovely. The WW II sheds were at the end of a road directly leading to the Jeypore Vikram Deo college of Science and Technology, which housed all science and lecture halls of engineering. It was an imposing red granite building dominated by a majestic clock tower. A few of us were walking towards this. One was a Sardar. Coming as I was from small interior town of Tamilnadu he was the first Sardar I ever met. A fine fellow with the name Tejinder Pal Singh. Everyone gets a nickname. His was ‘Speedking Milk Singh’ 

 (Tej - speed , Inder - king, Pal - is milk in Telugu, Singh). The clock was striking 12 noon. One of the students told me to tell Tejinder that it was 12 o’clock. In my innocence I told him. He became very angry and tried to grab me. We were just passing by the main water tank, which was about 100 feet above with a slender ladder. I am used to climbing and scooted up the ladder with Tejinder in hot pursuit.

I was much farther up than him. I stopped him and asked what the problem was. He said that it was obvious that I did not know about Sardars.  ‘Bara baj gaye’ is a ‘no-no’. I explained how it happened. He ran down and caught the real culprit and whacked him one. Afterwards he regaled us all with lots of Sardar jokes.

We just toured the sprawling campus waiting for classes to start the next day.

The first one was on advanced calculus common to all science honours courses and chemical engineering. This was held in a huge room with seats rising in tiers with the huge blackboard at front. I gravitated to the topmost row, farthest from the lecturer. The girls were all in the first row. The boys eagerly waiting for the roll call to get the names of the girls.

Professor Narayanamurthy started: “Pratibha, Seethalakshmi ...’and so on each time with the girl standing up with a “yes sir.” Then came “Ramani”. All boys craning their necks to see who this was.

This was the time when my voice was breaking from a girlish one to a gruff male voice without any control over which comes out. I stood up and in the rough voice said “yes sir”. All turned round in total silence, which was broken by raucous laughter and thumping of the desks. The girls were all giggling.

The professor said, “it is not possible. My own daughter is Ramani”.

The advanced calculus receded into the background.

I had to carry this burden for the whole course. The crowning indignity came when my degree certificate was given in the name of Miss.A.V.Ramani. I went through a major effort rectifying this.

That evening we were peremptorily ordered by our seniors to assemble in the common room of the main hostels. A subdued lot, we were nervously looking at each other while all doors were closed.

The seniors were looking sternly at us. Suddenly they broke out in loud laughter. The senior most then told us that engineering was a serious business and that we should be diligent. He also told us that the seniors will pass on their text books for the basic science subjects and that we need not buy them.

The doors opened and the hostel attendants came in with loads of snacks. Thus ended the ‘ragging’ of the Chem Engineering branch.

The I fondly remember every bit of that day from 1957.

@supriya VN gowda • 26 Feb, 2020

Well, my first day in college started with function. All delegates gave their speech. After that function i went for hostel because i am new to hostel i met my roomates from different state and who stayed their from one month before i went there. My parents left me in hostel and they went. My new roomates took me for campus they introduced their friends to me and we went to play carrom, chess. We shared our details, we took photos with all friends. Again evening we had our snacks and all hostel girls met in one room and enjoyed that day. Few friends were crying because they want to leave their parents for first time.


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