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FireSim To Tackle Fire On PC And In Real Time

Question asked by Farjand in #Coffee Room on Jan 2, 2012
Farjand · Jan 2, 2012
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'Firefighting' blended with 'technology' will be a common scene now. The efforts of the firefighting squad will boost with practical and reasonable technologies, thanks to an attempt by Fraunhofer University researchers. The system developed by them to simulate real time operations on a PC will help in testing the equipment and strategies used by the squad in emergencies.

Image Credit: Fraunhofer FIT

The tool developed by Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology (FIT) in Sankt Agustin is called as FireSim. The basic idea behind FireSim is to test the equipment which is carried by the team in search and rescue operations in cases of mishaps. Now, they can be tested while they are being developed. If there is any problem in implementation of new equipment, it can be solved then and there.

The system presently works in three modules. The fourth one, which deals with the behavior of general public and that of firefighters, is still to be incorporated in the system. The system proceeds step-by-step in every testing. The first is a simple board game, in which players sit and try to tackle with emergency situations with the help of a map. They try to devise new ways that will work out in a real environment. The second step proceeds with the usage of equipment that will be carried by the firefighting squad. How they will operate in real time situations is also checked. It resembles a computer game. The third module is basically a blend of human experience in real situations accompanied by virtual strategy planning. The virtual planning working in parallel is the complementary efforts of the firefighters in a building filled with smoke.

FireSim which is specifically designed to enhance the life saving operations cuts out the confusion when new devices are used. It may sometime happen that the squad is confused with more information availability than expected. It has been a need to test the methods normally adopted by the Firefighting department. They will now be examined just by simulating the whole exercise on a PC. Interesting, isn't it? Posted in: #Coffee Room

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