• Neda Hashmi

    Neda Hashmi

    MemberSep 7, 2013

    Final year project topic for chemical engineering

    Here are some topic i came across while i was searching topic for myself.
    i still have to choose one. any suggestions for me?

    1. Utilization Of Sludge Gas

    2. Extraction Of Silica From Burnt Paddy Husk

    3. Detergent Powder From Paddy Husk

    4. Refining Of Used Lube Oils

    5. Nicotinic Acid From Tobacco Waste

    6. Paper Pulp From Groundnut Shell

    7. Caffeine From Waste Tea And Coffee

    8. Solar Pump

    9. Extraction Of Furfural From Bagasse

    10. Manufacture Of Nicotine Sulphate From Tabacco Waste

    11. Cashewnut Sheel Liquid And Its Resin As Sand Core Binder

    12. Chitin And Protein From Prawnshell Waste

    13. Studies On Paddy Drier

    14. Low Cost Viscometer

    15. Cementitious Material From Rice Husk And Sea Shells

    16. Glucose Syrup From Tapioca Starch

    17. Cementitious Material From Rice-Husk, Sea-Shells And Clay

    18. Citric Acid From Molasses

    19. Rayon Grade Pulp From Banana Fibres

    20. Pulp For Handboards From Arecanut Husk

    21. Oxalic Acid From Molasses

    22. Alcohol From Potatoes And Agriculture Waste

    23. Ethyl Cellulose From Bagasse

    24. Utilisation Of Banana Fibre For Making Wrapping Paper

    25. Studies On Pulverisation Of Rice Husk

    26. Engineering Studies On Tile And Brick Industry In And Around Dakshina Kannada District

    27. Citric Acid From Molasses

    28. Handmade Paper From Bagasse

    29. Utilisation Of Flyash From Raichur Thermal Station

    30. Cementitous Material From Agro-Waste And Sea Shells

    31. Design Of Dryer For Earthenware Products
    32. Design Of Crystallizer

    33. Paperboard From Arecanut Husk

    34. Ground Water Expolaration In An Industrial Estate Near Near Baikapady

    35. Expoloration Studeis For Ground Water In Bala Area

    36. Tartic Acid From Tamarind Leaves

    37. Ferrous Sulhate From Scrap Iron

    38. Heat Pumps For Energy Conservation In Drying

    39. Good Quality Paper From Waste Paper

    40. Studies On Techniques Of Traditional Chalk Making

    41. Manufacture Of Iodised Salt

    42. Extraction Of Oils And Jellose From Tamarind Seeds

    43. Recovery Of Nickel From Spent Catalyst

    44. Recovery Of Silver From Waste Photographic Fixing Solution

    45. Vitamin B12 From Molasses Fermentation

    46. Recovery Of Silver From Waste X Ray Solution

    47. Recovery Of Nickel From Spent Catalyst

    48. Production Of Vitamin B12 From Molasses

    49. A Study On Electrochemical Reactions

    50. Study Of Mixing Process In Stirred Vessel Reactors

    51. Manufacture Of Fiber Board From Areca Spathe And Husk

    52. Studies On Drying Of Freshly Pressed Bricks

    53. Sonication - A Method Of Cell - Analysis

    54. Preparation Of Zsm-05 Zeolites For Kinetic Studies

    55. Determination Of Thermal Conductivity Of Pure Liquids And Binary Mixtures

    56. Preparation Of Coconut Honey From Matured Coconut Water

    57. Biosorption - Optimisation Of Parameters For Lead Removal Using Asperigillus Niger

    58. Study Of Mixing Process In Baffled Reactor Vessels

    59. Investigation On Pool Boiling Regimes

    60. Formulation Of Theoretical Model For Viscosity Prediction Of Binaries With Experimental Verification

    61. Determination Of Thermal Conductivity Of Pure Liquids And Binary Mixtures

    62. Investigation On Filimwise And Dropwise Condensation

    63. Investigation On Heat Pipe

    64. Investigation On Burning Velocities Using Shadow Photography Techniques

    65. Production Of Card Board From Rice Husk

    66. Anaerobic Digestion Of Partenium To Produce Biogas

    67. Detection Of Adulteration In Edible Oils And Generation Of A Portable Domestic Kit

    68. Investigation On Particle Board From Waste Wood Powders

    69. Preparation And Comparative Evaluation Of Activated Carbon

    70. Investigation On A Natural Draft Cooling Tower

    71. To Study The Rheological Behaviour Of Newtonian And Non-Newtonian Fluids In Capillaries And To Establish Shear Stress At Elevated Pressure

    72. Treatment Of Industrial Waste Water Containing Heavy Metal Ions By Non-Conventional Methods

    73. Pyrolysis Of Agro Waste And Production Of Charchol Clay Briquettes For Environmental Friendly Cooking In Rural Areas

    74. Enrgey Exhgange Effectivness Enhancement Evaution In Domestic L P G Burners

    75. Design And Fabrication Of Variable Weight Rotometer

    76. Dehydration Of Egg Shells

    77. Energy Exchange Effectiveness Enhancement Evaluation In Domestic Lpg Burners

    78. Solar Distillation

    79. Studies On Reduction Precipitation Methods For Chromium Removal From Effluents

    80. Custard Apple Seed Oil As Pesticide

    81. Dynamics Of Sparging

    82. Anodisistion Of Aluminium For Corrsion Protection

    83. Color Removal By Microbial Means

    84. Determination Of Thermal Conductivity Of Binary Liquids

    85. Development Of Defluoridizing Filter Candle Potable Water

    86. Determination Of Thermal Conductivity Of Pure Liquids And Binary Liquids

    87. Micromeritics Of Three Phase Fluidization

    88. Determination Of Viscosity Of Liquids And Liquid Mixture

    89. A Study On The Feasablity Of U Conventional Thickness Used As Thicking Agent For Silk Printing

    90. Micron Rating Of Wire Meshes Using Buble Point Techinque

    91. Photocatalyic Oxidation Of Arganic Effluents

    92. Briquetted Fuel From Recylce Refuse

    93. Design And Fabrication Of Spring Loaded Variable Load Rotameter

    94. Efficiency Enhancement Of Solar Heater

    95. Effect Of Heavy Metal Ions On Prodction

    96. Pesticide Paint

    97. Evaluation On Iodine Adsorption By Synthetic Resin For Water Purification Use

    98. Bioleaching Of Copper From Chalcopyrites Using Bacteria

    99. Toxicity Studies Of Heavy Metals On Cirrhinus Mrigala

    100. Process Optimastion Of Diethyl Sulfate

    101. Low Cost D Fluridatio Using Bricks

    102. Preliminary Studies On Reageneration Of Ferric Chloride From The Spent Etching Solution

    103. Experimental Studies On Thermal Input Flow Meter

    104. Rotating Basket Reactor

    105. Utilization Of Plastic Waste To Overcome Environment Pollution

    106. Activated Carbon -From Coconut Shell Using A Fluidised Bed Reactor

    107. Extraction Of (-) Hydroxycitric Acid, Garcinol And Anthocyanin Pigments From Garcinica And Process Design

    108. Study Of Composting Using The Liquids Effluent And Solid Waste Materials Of Sugar Industry

    109. Extraction Of Vineblastine Sulphate From Vinca-Rosea Plant Leaves

    110. Effluent Treatment In Petroleum Refinery

    111. Treatment Techniques For Production Of Mineral Water

    112. Extraction Of Pectin From Orange Peels

    113. A Product On Manufacture Of Activated Carbon From Paddy Husk

    114. Production Of Activted Carbon From Coconut Shell

    115. Energy Drinks From Coconut

    116. Screening Of Waste Water From Sugar Industry

    117. Extraction Of Oil From Rosemary Leaves

    118. Foam Fractionation Of Protien From Voluminous Lean Solution

    119. Investigation To Conserve Potable Water

    120. Development Of A Novel Instrument For Diffusivity Measurment

    121. Extraction Of Natural Dyes

    122. Energy Exchange Effectiveness Enhancement Evalution In A Kerosene Stove

    123. Bio-Diesel From Wvo

    124. Investigation Of Desulfurization Of Diesel By Liquid-Liquid Extraction Technique For Environmental Protection

    125. Extraction Of Mint Oil From Mint

    126. Extraction Of Garcinia Lipids

    127. Investigation On Use Of Jatropha Curcas Oil As Bio-Diesel

    128. A Case Study Of Back-Up System In Praxair India Pvt. Ltd.

    129. Analysis Of Moringa Oleifera Seeds According To Environmental And Commercial Views

    130. An Experimental Study On Perfumery Oil From Lemon Grass

    131. An Experimental Study Of Yeast Enzymes By Immobilization

    132. Effect Of Acrylonitrile Content On The Properties Of Nitrile Rubber

    133. Preparation Of Heptaldehyde And Undecylenic Acid From Castor Oil

    134. Hull Cell - An Invaluable Analytical Tool In Elctroplating

    135. Effect Of Fluoride Ion Concentration In Water ,Surface Soil And Vegetation Of Three Fluoride Affected Villages In Harihar Taluk Of Davangere District
    136. Extraction Of Antibacterial Studies Of Pharmaceutically Important Compounds Present In Turmeric, A Natural Product

    137. Extraction Of Oil From Oil Seeds Using Percolation Technique

    138. Spirulina

    139. Assaying Of Biodetergent

    140. Multiple Spouted Bed Reactor Investigations

    141. Production Of Activated Carbon From Waste Rubber Tyres

    142. Design And Development Of Solar Powered Micro Gas Brazing Unit

    143. Removal Of Heavy Metal Ions - Lead Using Bagasse As Adsorbent

    144. Textile Wastewater Treatment And Color Removal Using Sugarcane Bagasse

    145. Natural Pesticide From Custard Apple Seeds

    146. Purification Of Gaseous Pollutants Using Biofiltration Technique

    147. Investigation On Effect Of Papain And Ascorbic Acid On E-Coli

    148. Rotocell Extraction Of Pongamia Oil And Conversion Engineering

    149. Composites Of Commercial Value From Solid Waste Recycled Materrial

    150. Investigations On Catalytic Production Of Biogas From Rice Straw For Power Generation

    151. Power Alchohol From Agricultural Wastes

    152. Development Of Smoke Evaluation Instrument For Environmental Investigation

    153. Systematic Evaluation Of Drilling Mud

    154. Effective Utilization Of Waste Plastics In Asphalting Of Roads

    155. Optimization Of Additive Sodium Sulphide To Obtain Surface Finish Within 4 Microns By Chemical Milling For Aa2219 Alloy

    156. Experimental Study On Single Bubble Cap Type Distillation Column

    157. Production Of High Quality Liquid Soap By Enzymatic Method

    158. Adsorption Of Heavy Metals Using Sugarcane Bagasse

    159. Analysis Of Water Melon Seeds As A Cost-Effective Water Purifier

    160. Studies On Linas Distillation Column

    161. Extraction Of Peroxidase Using Aqueous Two Phase Systems

    162. Biosorption Of Chromium Using Hydrilla And Comparison With Yeast Biomass:Column Studies

    163. Biosorption - A Novel Way For The Removal Of Heavy Metals

    164. Corrosion Behaviour Of Electrodeposited Zinc - Nickel Alloy

    165. Alpinia Leaf Extract : A Prospective Natural Food Preservative

    166. Design And Fabrication Of Through Circulation Dryer For Drying Of Biomass

    167. Evaluation Of Phosphorous Content In Indian Soyabean Varieties & Its Association With Oil Characteristics

    168. Refinements And Optimization Of Smoke Evaluation Instrument For Environmental Investigations

    169. Preparation Of Commercial Carbon Components From Solid Plastic Waste

    170. Photo Biological Hydrogen Production

    171. Extraction Of Biodiesel From Cotton Seed Oil

    172. Manufacture Of Soaps Using Enzyme

    173. Impact Of Illegal Waste Disposal On Man And Environment

    174. Treatment Of Bio-Contaminated Aviation Fuel

    175. Design,Fabrication And Testing Of Microbial Fuel Cell

    176. Studies On Methods Of Breaking Azeotrope

    177. Synthetic Studies On Triacontanol-A Plant Growth Regulator

    178. Protein Extraction From Agro-Waste Bagasse

    179. Investigation Of Growing Iysozyme Crystal By Sitting Drop And Hanging Drop Diffusion Method

    180. Development Of An Innovative Low Cost Unit For Evaluation Of Noise Pollution

    181. Utilization Of Waste Plastic And Rubber For Commercial Purpose

    182. Extraction Of Super Sweet Steviol Gkycosides From Stevia Leaves

    183. Cotton Supported Heterotrophic Denitrification Of Nitrate-Rich Water Using Pseudomonas Stutzeri

    184. Biodiesel From The Byproduct Of Biopesticide From Custard Apple Seeds

    185. Isolation And Identification Of Antidiabetic Agent From Garuga Pinnata Roxb

    186. Microwave Assisted Transesterification Of Karanja Oil For The Production Of Biodiesel

    187. Microwave Assisted Chemical Reactions

    188. Manufacturing Of Synthetic Hydroxy Talcite

    189. Slow Release Studies On Urea Briquettes

    190. Mass Transfer And Kinetic Growth Studies In Denitrification Of Waste Water Using Pseudomonas Stutzeri

    191. Production Of Biodiesel From Waste Oil

    192. Extraction Of D-Limonene From Sweet Orange Peels

    193. A Novel Approach For Quality Extraction Of Asparagus Racemosus-A Valuable Medicinal Extract

    194. A Novel Approach For The Optimisation Of Parameters And Economic Evaluation For Effluent Treatment Of Dairy Plant

    195. Biodiesel Production Using Hydrodynamic Cavitation Technique

    196. Recovery Of Silver From Photographic Film Waste

    197. Biosorption Of Chromium By Aspergillus Niger

    198. Decolorisation Of Dye Waste Water By Adsorption On Alumina Adsorbent

    199. Studies On Effect Of Seed Extract Of Annona Squamosa In Streptozotocin - Nicotinamide Induced Type Ii Diabetes Mellitus Rats

    200. A Novel Approach For Management Of Domestic/Canteen Waste

    201. Agglomeration Of Iron Ore Dust Fines Using Waste Calcia And Fly Ash Dust Fines

    202. Removal Of Colour And Cod By Electrochemical And Electrocoagulation(Ec) Process From Distillary Spent Wash

    203. Treatment And Reutilisation Of Medical Waste

    204. Production Of Lactic Acid From Molasses

    205. Removal Of Ni(Ii) Ions From Aqueous Solution Using Agricultural Waste: Adsorption On A Fixed-Bed Column

    206. Dynamic Modeling And Simulation Of Fixed Bed Catalytic Reactor
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