Final year project on cloud computing

This is project about Cloud Computing; in our project we are developing a Cloud to show the computing power of cloud and Virtual O.S. This cloud will be used to process a huge task on normal Pentium IV processor without using huge servers which is costly. To show this processing we will develop an Image processing application in which thousand or more images will be processed at time which is difficult to perform for a normal Pentium IV processor. Also this Cloud framework is not limited for image processing application this will be the general purpose cloud means any huge processing task can performed by just changing the input and dll required to process the task. Also we are providing a virtual O.S to show one of the cloud services named PaaS i.e Platform as a service. As now a day’s cloud vendors are working on providing a Cloud O.S we are using this concept and developing an Operating System which can be used online.


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    i want to buy a good project , m be final year stud (it branch)
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    Free lunch will not be provided here.We are here to guide you to do the project.
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    i want to buy a good project , m be final year stud (it branch)

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    Anurag Ojha
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    Nice idea.

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