Final Year Project In Wireless Networks


I'm a final year electronics and communication engineering student and am interested in doing my project in QualNet related to security in wireless sensor networks. Can you please suggest some ideas?


  • durga ch
    durga ch

    Though you can implement sensor networks , I would rather suggest you can work something on lines of network centric warfare. In current scenario, not may countries (exclusing US) have moved from platform centric warfare.

    NCW is the newer buzz word and as technology increases, it becomes even more important to have real time information update, or in military terms the situational awareness is of utmost importance. NCW implements varied types of networks such as BAN(body area network or PAN at the soldier level, a dynamic forming WMN (wireless mesh network) at the tanks level (land ) and aerially with the hovering planes, satelites and unmanned vehicles to potentially reduce the command and control cycle.
    All the information gained such as for example- a soldier is completely exhausted or needs immediate attention, his PAN immediately measures his body dynamics and transmit across for help,and any soldier within the reach receives these signals and can attend to the injured or worn out soldier. As well, there might be instances where the terrain on the enemy ground is not complete known, continuous information feed from aerial (UAVs and fighter planes, satellites) would help, In case the terrain is already known the battle can be simulated as in video games and can be planned well ahead. All the information can fed into a central server for immeidate decisison making. I understand the vedio posted is self explanatory, but searching for 'Network Centric Warfare' in Google yeilds much better results.
  • networkfreak
    Thank you very much for the help 😀 😀

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