final year project in I.T

hi!!! I wanna prepare a project for my B.E(I.T) area of interest is and anyone can please suggest me some nice and fresh topics for my project


  • yudi
    hi neelu
    you can have a software that calculates income & other taxes with the total documentations viz. the SRS, design document,offcourse you will have to submet source code to ur collge, testing document, user manuals, troubleshooting guide etc.

    as you have said that u like & java then i think this would not be very difficult to you.

    once you are clear with the idea & the work behind, you can also make it in versions like xxx.1 for personal, xxx.2.1 for enterprizes etc( to impress your teachers).
    if you don't like the idea then please tell me
  • neelu.
    hey thanks yudi for your reply ...and can you suggest me some more topics
  • kinshukgla
    hii....i m in B-tech final year.................can u plz tell me sum topics on wich i can work on........i want to make project in
  • neelu.
    hey CEans plz if anyone can suggest me topics as its little urgent...the submission time for project topics is cuming reply soon
  • Differential
    This link may help you...............

    Moreover, I would suggest, come up with your own idea and start working on that! Also you can discuss your own ideas here !!! Also any questions/probelms faced during work can be asked here.....

  • neelu.
    hey thnz for replying but i need to know major project topics for my BE and the link u hav given is of mini projects...
  • ankurguptamicke
    good final year project

    arrae yar.....u can easly choose a topic---CHARACTER RECOGNIZATION.
    it is a nice topic
  • ankurguptamicke
    there r many topics that can be made in final year
  • akkumon
    If you can make a text processor
  • yogesh_dhiman
    Security system bna do nellu ji best rhega me
  • sumith123
    please use English language...
    we cant understand whats you are going to say?

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