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@sravani ks • 28 Jun, 2011
hie dis s sravani...entering into final year now...can someone suggest me any ideas for doing my area of interest s data base..
@complearner • 28 Jun, 2011 Well if you use dbase with some frontend language than it will result in some great idea. One project idea that you can use is ...most people dont know how to design dbase and run sql commands and most commands are complex. So you can make them a front end program with maximum no of operations on dbase from lower to higher which will ease there work and which they can integrate with any software and not the specific one. It can help them right from the start ..i.e. from designing schema to normalization to trigger,queries,joins,functions, and all.

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@sravani ks • 30 Jun, 2011 thanks for ur advice...nd i found something interestin for my project ie controlling a pc through mobile phones..can u plz tel me on wich platform i can implement it and some suggestions for my project..
@complearner • 01 Jul, 2011 Java is good for mobile programming and since you need to control your pc so that will required Socket programming which is good in java.And also you have to additionaly study the Win Api for java because that will give you the required functions to control windows.

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@sharifiit • 03 Apr, 2012
Task Management System

Hotel Management System

E-Ticket System

Electricity Bill Payment System

Database Management System for Stock Exchange

E-Tender Management System
etc are the famous project idea on database management system. Learn more database project ideas just go this site. I think it will helps you very much.

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