Final year project for mechanical - Any suggestions relating to catia?

hey i want some suggestions on final year project for mechanical...
any suggestions relating to catia... or anything else...???


    Hello Manyu,
    As you are interested in designing, you can have many projects related to designing. However being a final year project, it deserves a little more importance.
    For a designing project, decide upon a automobile/machine component. It can be anything. Try to improve upon it. You can use simulation tools and have a good help from CATIA software.
    Also tell us what are your other interests? Which subjects?
  • ShrinkDWorld
    hi ishutopre
    I am think on that project my senior suggest me that analysis simple part in Ansys & compare its result with original.
    But i am afraid how to star what is procedure & how i can get its loading condition. Again i defiantly get some difficulty as i am new to Ansys & in my area there is now such institute which can help me. For this help i have to travel 400 km & go to Pune.
    Please provide us information if you had any? So i can decide can i do it or not.
    I am afraid, I do not know much about Ansys. However I have an experience to share.

    We need to manually calculate and compare it with the result obtained from software. If you have 2 computers with Ansys or any software installed, for same data they will give two different results.

    But what type of project do you want to do?
  • ShrinkDWorld
    The type of project again not decided. I am completely away from this topic. just i know the title "projects related to designing with help of CATIA/Ansys/ or any "
  • .manyu
    i am interested in automobiles or designing... automobiles can include anything ranging from engines to suspension system or stability...
    designing may include designing of body of cars and improvement on it...

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