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Final Year Project for CS student featuring AI and Aviation

Question asked by Rimsha Siddiqi in #ML & AI on Dec 25, 2018
Rimsha Siddiqi
Rimsha Siddiqi · Dec 25, 2018

I am a Computer Science Student and I want my Final Year Project with Domain Artificial Intelligence and sub Domain Aviation. Something innovative ? 

any ideas or suggestion regarding this

Posted in: #ML & AI
Ramani Aswath
Ramani Aswath · Dec 25, 2018
Rank A1 - PRO

Have a look at what is being done with AI in the area of drones:


Divisha Madupalli
Divisha Madupalli · Feb 20, 2020
Rank C1 - EXPERT

Management of aviation maintenance.

Crash survival design.

Unmanned aircraft and safety.

TSA demonstration effectiveness.

Aerobatics history and physics.

The interior design of aircraft.

Airport security effectiveness.

 redesign the lower fuselage structural construction to better mitigate crash landing loads.

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