fathima sj
fathima sj
Computer Science
17 Nov 2018

Final year CSE project about data analysis - Any suggestions?


I 'm cse final year student. I 'm interested in the area of data analyst .please suggest a project for me

Radhika Deshpande

Radhika Deshpande

Information Technology
20 Nov 2018

Data analysis is wide subject. In my opinion you can start from topics that you like and understand. If you will go deep into then it could take a lot of time.

Here are few examples if it interests you :

  • A project on a map that visualizes election polling by state.
  • An algorithm that predicts the weather where you live.
  • A tool that predicts the stock market.
  • An algorithm that automatically summarizes news articles.
  • Detecting Friendship with Smartphone Co-Location Data
  • An Analysis of Cross-Device Search
  • Data Mining with MapReduce: Graph and Tensor Algorithms with Applications
  • A project on - Statistics of Extremes, Theory an Applications
  • Extreme Value and Related Models with Applications in Engineering and Science
  • Stack Overflow Analysis
  • Youtube Data Analysis
  • Customer Complaint Analysis
fathima sj

fathima sj

Computer Science
25 Nov 2018

thankyou for the reply,mam .I 'm choosing an algorithm for news article summarisation

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