File RTI application or Consumer court-What is Better?


Our college has hiked our college fees by yet another INR 14298. And we are trying to file an RTI application. Can you post what are the steps required to file it?
Can we cover Shikshan Shulka Samiti under it?

Or should we go to consumer court? Considering the fact that we are paying for the education we are getting.

It is a rule in constitution that a consumer can bargain even if a retail price is printed on the service or a commodity.
What are the proofs and documents that we require? What are the points that an RTI should contain?
What is better way to oppose this move and have our say?

I am determined. For those who eat money. They need a lesson to be taught this time.

We people eat food, they eat money 😡


  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    So the current fees would be how much? And do you study in a government college? I feel that the RTI is a better option as we are not consumers and education would not fall under that category.
    I am paying nearly 72,000 including all university fees, college fees and all. Now they have increased it by another 14000. To be reasonable I can pay. It will take a little hardships but yes.

    However think of those who cannot afford or the batches that are yet to pass out.
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    It's crazy. Sue them! 😡 But make sure you slap them and bash them in such a way that they won't know you did it!
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    Is it any good if you gave a complaint to the AICTE??
    To make it simple, RTI only gives you information. The actual work is performed in consumer court.

    The information obtained from RTI can be used as proof.
    Just updating, there are all round protests outside our college.

    Really young people like to struggle 😐

    When we can win by non violent means, why to take law into our hands?

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