• Have you ever had to pay the Rs.100 bribe to the passport officer just because he/she would not issue the passport within time limit; when you needed it very urgently? Have you bribed Rs. 50 to the traffic police because he/she thinks you jumped the signal even when you didn't?

    Oh yes?

    Then you can't find corruption. That's *the* message. You are *corrupt*. Corrupt people don't have right to fight against corruption.

    Unless you are 100% clean; you have no right to raise your voice against corruption. That's the message being spread out via Indian media & Government these days. I seriously object! No, I'm not saying bribing even Rs. 10 is 'approved'; but individual common man in India is just a tiny ant in front of the corrupt hippo-like system. Most of the times, it's just easy to get your way out by doing the wrong thing. But I don't have complaints against the common man.

    Your views?
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    MemberNov 10, 2011

    You are right Big K. In a moment of weakness we sometimes give bribe of INR 100 or so. I guess every Indian gives it. You might also have given it to traffic police. But we do not give it because we like corruption. We give it because either we are warned of dire consequences in major cases or we want to save the time in whole Governmental procedure.

    The points that are discussed about corruption are more or less similar. I would like to add a new point though.

    According to me A person who is forced to take/give bribe unwillingly has a right to fight against it.

    Now the question arises, a minister who is corrupt and looted the country for billions like A. Raja will also claim that he was forced to accept bribe. Now he wants another chance to correct his mistake. This will take us no where.

    Then some one will say, everyone fighting for corruption should be 100% clean. This is the same story like The one who has not committed any sin has the authority to give punishment (Sarcasm)

    In any system nothing is 100% perfect so no body has a right to fight against corruption. I guess common people being corrupt from head to toe should stop fighting in favor of anything good 😐. Let the government handle things their own way ( Sarcasm yet again...)
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  • Mr.Don

    MemberDec 30, 2011

    Well in my view the correct definition of corruption would be: The only thing in this world that every person in this world will do at some point in his life.

    So "YES" corruption exists, it exists in every form and growing and Yes, they are right, we can get out of the way by bribing which is a chance given by them and cultivated or rooted it into public . Okay whatever corruption exists and we're part of it too but are they ready to face us if we protest against corruption? "No" That's why they're trying to find to counter by protesting the people who're determined to trample corruption. Recent assembly meetings on Lokpal Bill will tell us the story how wily and Foxy our Parliament members are; but let me tell them one thing; People want to change, someday the burn will fire and everyone will finally move their bums and step ahead for the change they want. That day they will see 100% non-corrupt members, completely changed rearing to see the change that they want to see in this world.
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