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Fast Nearest Neighbor Search with Keywords

Question asked by SnehalTembare in #Coffee Room on Mar 10, 2015
SnehalTembare · Mar 10, 2015
Project Abstract / Summary : Today, many modern applications call for novel forms of queries that aim to find objects satisfying both a spatial predicate, and a predicate on their associated texts. For example, instead of considering all the restaurants, a nearest neighbor query would instead ask for the restaurant that is the closest among those whose menus contain “steak, spaghetti, brandy” all at the same time. Currently the best solution to such queries is based on the IR2-tree, which, as shown in this project, has a few deficiencies that seriously impact its efficiency. A spatial database manages multidimensional objects (such as points, rectangles, etc.), and provides fast access to those objects based on different selection criteria. The importance of spatial databases is reflected by the convenience of modeling entities of reality in a geometric manner. Motivated by this, we develop a new access method called the spatial inverted index that extends the conventional inverted index to cope with multidimensional data, and comes with algorithms that can answer nearest neighbor queries with keywords in real time. As verified by experiments, the proposed techniques outperform the IR2-tree in query response time significantly, often by a factor of orders of magnitude.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : We have interest in developing Mobile Applications. Now a days android applications have wide scope.We have developed an android application which can be used anywhere to find nearest hotel having menus required to user. In short we can say our application is like a search engine.In future it can provide better pathways for handling general system for location based search like hospitals, colleges,hotels etc.

Project Category : CS / IT / Networking
Institute/College Name: Sanjivani College of engg.Kopargaon
City: Kopargaon
State: Maharashtra
Participating Team From: Final Year Posted in: #Coffee Room

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