Failure of short beam

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I have a basic query in strength of materials

This is about of short beam

Beam dimensions are
L=7.375 mm
Dia =15.05 mm
Tip Force=27514 N

For the above beam, following are the geometrical properties

area=177.894 mm^2
IZZ=2518 mm^4

For this kind of beam, how should we approach so as to determine the maximum stress in the component.

If i use convensional bending equation, it gives the bending stress of 606 MPa.

If i use shear stress formula, i am getting the shear stress of 155 Mpa. As this beam is shorter one, i considered vertical shear instead of longitudinal one.

My query is, which stress would cause failure in this structure. As a matter of fact, component failure appears to be shear kind. But, as per the above calculations, bending stress appears to be high.

All i want to know is, how to calculate maximum failure stress in the short beam?

Can any one throw some light regarding this.
Or else the link which contains answer for the above query would be appreciated.




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