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Facebook Messenger Chatbots Bring Direct Payment Options

Facebook’s messenger chatbots are meant to simplify business making and online shopping. Various chatbots representing their respective business organizations are deployed under the messenger service to serve people’s needs, to communicate and serve them what they require. Interestingly, these bots can now even help you make payments without leaving the messenger’s platform. With Facebook's newest update to its messenger, it has now come to light that the payment details provided by the user will be served as the means to execute direct purchases and will be saved for future transactions as well.

A glimpse of Messenger Chatbot platform

In an event organized at TechCrunch 2016 Disrupt, David Marcus, Head of Facebook’s messenger service, revealed this new update. Around 30,000 chatbots with this feature will be deployed and users will be able to make payments using their credit cards without leaving the messenger app. This feature will be rolled out under the V1.2 (Version 1.2) update. However, there is no news on when India will receive such an update.

To carry out online business services, it becomes a mundane task to install individual applications for each individual service which is required. Messenger chatbots not only provides ease, but also enables to access almost many of them under a single platform. As revealed, it will support almost all payment gateways like Credit Card, Master Card, American Express, Stripe, Braintree and PayPal. User’s will see a buy now option selecting which will direct them to a one click confirmation page and the information will be accessed from the saved transaction details.

Facebook has rolled out few additional access to the beta version of this update and developers will be having them pretty soon. Now they can add buttons, draw UI and add features like shipping information, flight updates, etc. Also, it will allow users to invite their friends and start new threads with the chatbots as well.

A country like India, where online business and shopping is a growing sector now-a-days, a release like this will really revolutionize the way of doing business and induce a positive vibe in doing online shopping. Not only it will bring different organizations at a single platform, but it will help people to go for the best. Till then, let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for Facebook to weave its magic.

Watch this video to know about how these bots work –

Source - TechCrunch

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