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Facebook Logout Is Not Logging You Out!

Question asked by prabakaran in #Coffee Room on Sep 26, 2011
prabakaran · Sep 26, 2011
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The worlds most unavoidable site Facebook which approximately has 800 million users currently again seems to be playing with its users privacy. A reputed Entrepreneur and hacker Nik Cubrilovic recently reported about his findings on Facebook interfering with its users privacy by saving cookies in their browsers. In general, every one know that while we were logged into Facebook they follow us all along the browser and could collect the data like what we listen, read, etc. Also we were assured until now that when we logged out of Facebook they will stop following us and spare us our privacy. But according to Nik, they weren't stop following us when we logged out, which they supposed to do.

Facebook privacy concern

When we logged out of Facebook they alter the cookies stored in our browser a bit instead of deleting them. These cookies then later would send the data about the user when he enter the sites having Facebook plugins like recommend, share and like buttons. “With my browser logged out of Facebook, whenever I visit any page with a Facebook like button, or share button, or any other widget, the information, including my account ID, is still being sent to Facebook,” Nik wrote in his post. Also to get rid of Facebook after logging out its users need to clear their browser cookies and I know it's a little hard to do so during every time they log out.

So, you were warned now. Act smart here after if you are using Facebook and I cannot realize how 800 million users going to react to this. "Are you using Facebook?", Then let us know your reaction by putting them in comment and lets see how privacy will be preserved in this new social world.

Source: AppSpot Image source: pbecom Posted in: #Coffee Room

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