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Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Jul 7, 2013

Facebook Graph Search For US Users Rolling Out This Week

It was in January that Facebook introduced its new advanced search feature called the Facebook Graph Search. Making the traditional search bar on all your Facebook pages look and act different, the Graph Search is being launched for all users in the United States. The tool allows users to conduct more advanced searches - like "Eateries in Mumbai that my friends like" or "photos of my friends before 2000", and get detailed results. Those of you, who are eagerly awaiting this feature, should know that it will be a few weeks before it reaches everyone who uses the site in the "US English" setting. The search feature was made available as a limited preview for English audiences only back in January and tens of millions of people have helped the company improve this product just by using it and giving feedback over the last six months.

Facebook is all set to launch Graph Search with tons of improvements and we are going to see remarkable results in the speed of search as well as the accuracy of results. When a user begins typing in a search bar, it will begin suggesting more relevant potential searches. Additionally, the company says it can better understand what people are searching for and will display the most relevant results first. Not just that, but Facebook is also working on making posts or status updates and comments searchable. And even the most-used mobile version is also being worked upon.


Those who think and debate that Facebook Graph Search is going to compete the likes of Google and Bing search shouldn't worry because, speaking at the All Things D conference earlier this summer, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said, "Graph Search isn't Web search. We aren't duplicating what Bing does and what Google does, but rather we are making things easier for people to find on Facebook," when asked about the search function. Also, it goes without saying that the search results would only include content which were shared by you or the ones which are public. Facebook ensured that the users' privacy won't be compromised. But nevertheless, Facebook will be reminding all users about how they can control what they share and who they share it with. A small alert will pop up over the privacy tools area in the upper right hand side of the page when users get the new tool.

Some tips included setting your default preference to share only with friends and going over your public information. In order to get the power of Graph Search, Zuckerberg says that you need to try it out yourself. He says that this new feature forms the "Third Pillar" of the ecosystem, with the other two answering queries such as 'what’s going on around them' (seen in the News Feed) and 'what’s going on in their life' (seen in the Timeline). Hear Mark and his team talk about Graph Search here -

Those who are extra cautious (and rightfully so) should check out this video from facebook's search team about privacy settings -

I bet Facebook gona blast the social networking community.
I support every innovation without compromising privicy.
Pensu • Jul 8, 2013
I am one of the few people who don't consider FB as a wast of time, so believe me when I say that this is a useless feature. I have it since the beta rolled out and I still haven't figured out it's significance. FB is a social network and it should act like one. No need to throws your hands in every possible direction!

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