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@sndgpr26 • 24 Oct, 2013
hi frienz
i am showing a screenshot of facebook page
can anyone tell me what is the meaning of the symbol marked in red ?Untitled
@X-Engineer • 24 Oct, 2013 I suppose its Mobile mode..The user was using (or is still using) facebook through mobile..alongwith the time ..when he last accessed..10h means ..the person was online in facebook ..10hrs back...
Correct me if I am wrong..
@Kaustubh Katdare • 24 Oct, 2013 I'm not a Facebook user; but it appears that those Chat icons indicate whether the user is online through mobile. 10m would be the time for which the user's been accessing Facebook's service. We've lot of Facebookers here who may know the right answer.
@Nayan Goenka • 24 Oct, 2013 The 10m besides mobile, indicates, it has been 10 minutes since the user's past activity on mobile messenger of Facebook and that he is not online through web.

simple mobile icon says, hes active through Facebook mobile

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