Facebook Addiction? Pavlov Poke Has A 'Shocking' Fix!

If you are like millions of others (nothing to be proud of it) who spend waste hours on Facebook looking at totally useless stuff - there's a way to fix it. Nope, we aren't telling you to stay away from your computer or mobile. If you keep Facebook open in one of the browser tabs and check it every few minutes while doing some serious work, Pavlov Poke will 'shock' you and remind you of your duties. That is, if you are studying for a test tomorrow and can't get yourself to log out of Facebook, Pavlov Poke is ideal for you. Created by two MIT PhD students Robert R. Morris and Dan McDuff who together spent about 50 hours every week on Facebook and wanted to get rid of the habit.


The system uses a UI inspector coupled with Python script along with Arduino & Electrodes. The UI monitor continuously observes whether you're accessing Facebook and whenever it discovers that you are; it triggers Arduino (powered by computer's USB) to start the shock circuit. The shock circuit sends enough volts to the electrodes placed on the wrist-support to shock you.

The project isn't for sale and won't make it to your desk. We'd like to know from die-hard Facebookers their opinion on controlling the addiction.

Via: www.robertrmorris.org


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